Why I love working at Swift Care Clinic. Brandon Gess.

Dear Dr Nicola Vosloo

We felt it necessary to send you this email in gratitude for the professional attendance, care and service received at your Rosebank Swift Care Clinic on Monday 1 May 2019.

My husband, Sergio, was working in his workshop on the drill press and an accident occurred where he cut his thumb, later to find he had severed an artery and hence the reason for the extreme bleeding.

I rushed him to Rosebank Netcare not realizing that they did not have a Casualty unit but a Swift Care Clinic for minor injuries.

We would like to thank you and your Team on duty:

Natasha Keet

Allanton Solomons

Zakhele Mthetwa

Dr Keshia Naidoo (what a beautiful soul – we loved her sense of humour too)!

From the moment we arrived with panic, we were received with a professional and calm approach, which instantly put us at ease.

We had to wait as there were others before us but the care that came afterwards was gentle, kind and thorough from cleaning the wound, administering the anti-tetanus injection to further stopping the bleeding, cleaning and stitching the wound.

We had no idea what to ask for or do but this Team on duty talked us through the process and made us feel trusting in their care.

Thank you for providing this clinic and the care from your Team on duty.

You are all very special people and we are grateful for your care and commitment.

Kind Regards

Terry A


Hi Terry

Thank you so much for taking the time to give us feedback. It is most appreciated and valued. We do try very hard to provide the kind of care that you experienced. The team is hand-picked for their competence and also their empathy and kindness. We will continue to work hard  and try and improve all the time, and it is a great boost to get some encouragement. I will also pass this on to all the staff members involved. Thank you. I hope your husband has recovered well.

Kind regards