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Jet Fuel  R620.00                   

Rehydration fluids with a boost of energy, vitamins and antioxidants. Puts the spring back in your step.

Virgin Jet Fuel  R600.00 

Glucose – free Jet Fuel

Rocket Fuel  R900.00    

Rehydration fluids with a mega boost of energy, vitamins, antioxidants and glutathione. Restores energy, boosts immunity and flushes toxins from the system. Ideal for athletes and people on the go.

Beauty Fuel  R550.00         

Enhances your hair, skin and nail appearance. Reduces pigmentation, lightens and brightens skin.

Post Party Pick Me Up Fuel   R900.00     

When you have “gone big” this drip will quickly get you back on track. Rehydration fluids with vitamins, analgesics, anti- emetics and proton pump inhibitors. Provides fast relief. Doctors consultation essential.

Iron Brew   P.O.R  

Iron deficiency anaemia is common, and once corrected, results in increased energy, concentration and vitality. Hb, Vit B12, Folate and Iron studies are required, along with a thorough history and examination to determine the cause.

Liquid Fuel  R900.00   

Proactive Collagen contains essential amino acids, key structural proteins, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. Enhances skin beauty, hair strength and appearance, decreases joint rigidity and pain, increase cartilage mass and tones muscles.

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