Who am I?

My name is Dr Nicola Vosloo. I am a medical practitioner, in practice for the last 28 years, mostly in Urgent Care.  Swift Care Clinic is my medical practice, which I work in and manage,  located in  Johannesburg, South Africa. The largest segment of patients we see are Urgent Care patients. We also operate an IV Clinic, a Joint Injection Clinic and an Aesthetics Clinic.

Why Blog?

I arrive at work every day, not having any idea what my day will hold, what emergencies and problems I will have to manage, and always praying that I will have the skills required. It is a terrifying, wonderful, awful and  incredible job, with formidable responsibility. We see human beings at their best and their worst. We witness moments of indescribable joy and unbearable pain.  We share peoples’ personal struggles, anxieties, loves and lives. I am always struck by how much trust is placed in me, even by people who have never met me before, and have no idea of my reputation.  They answer personal questions, get undressed to be examined, and follow the advice and treatment given,  just because of the enormous trust the medical profession enjoys.  Working in South Africa, a melting pot, gives me the added privilege of getting to know people from different walks of life and cultures. Some of the experiences and stories are  begging to be recorded, and  I will do my best to do them justice. At the very least,   it will  help me to organise and articulate my thoughts and feelings, debrief, keep a personal record, and hopefully,  share a little magic.